Businesses That Handle and Benefited Marine Used Oil

August 20, 2014

Improper management of used such as marine lubricants and other greases can greatly affect the environment. This is why advocates for Eco-friendly lubricants spawned to push for greener initiative. Hence, it is important to know the proper disposal of used oil or it may be introduced to large bodies of water that endangers not just the aquatic resource but the entire environment as a whole.

Apart from properly disposing used oil, you can also recycle used oils. There are many businesses that incorporate used oil in their products and services. Here are the businesses that use used oil out of shell marine products and shell marine lubricants and other sources:

Collection Centers

Collection centers and aggregation points accept small volume of used oil. They store the waste oil until they get enough to ship it to different places for recycling. These centers usually accept used oil from various sources both from businesses and individuals. Meanwhile, aggregation points only collect oil from places that are operated by the same operator and or individual.


This type of business picks up used oil from all sources. They deliver the used oil to re-refiners, burners or processors. Transport facilities involve any structure area where used oil is contained for more than 24 hours. However, it should not exceed longer than 35 days. A good example of transfer facilities is parking area.

Re-refiners and processors

These are the facilities that remover impurities from used oil. After the removal, the used oil can be burned for energy reuse or recovery. Re-refiners process used oil to reuse it into a new product such as a lubricant. The used oil can be recycled for an indefinite time.


This business manages used oil through maintenance of vehicles and equipment and commercial or industrial operations. Some of the common generators include care repair shops, quick lube oil industry, service stations, grocery stores, metal working industries, government motor pools and car repair shops. Those individuals who produce used oil through the maintenance of personal vehicles and equipment are not included in the regulation under the used oil management standards. Also excluded are the farmers who produce less than an average of 25 gallons of used oil each month.

Lastly, marketers also conduct business that use used oil. Marketers can be handlers that claim that specific EPA specifications are met for used oil to be burned, direct shipments of used oil to be burned as fuel in regulated devices. Marketers also help move shipments to the burners.

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