How to Deliver Lubricants in Drums Safe and Efficient

January 21, 2015

How to Deliver Lubricants in Drums Safe and Efficient
How to Deliver Lubricants in Drums Safe and Efficient

The Europeans amongst the readers of this article may say “what is this all about, why is he bothering us with this?“  But the people from the Middle East, India, Pakistan and Africa understand what this is all about.

It is simply about the way of how we supply drums of lubricants to our customers in the United Arab Emirates.  Or better; the safe supply of lubricants in drums to our customers and to minimizing the risk of insuring the people handling the drums to prevent causing oil spills through unprofessional handling.

What we have seen throughout the Middle East and India is people handling Lubricants Drums which weigh around 200 kg wearing “Flip Flops” instead of safety shoes, no gloves to protect their hands/fingers or hard hat or a safety warning west.

Many people here don’t understand the risks they are facing by not using proper protection.  Unfortunately these people will learn it only the hard way, when they get insured.

An accident is not only a threat to human life but also to our environment and to our business.

When we started our business in the UAE in 2010, we had to be compliant with our principles rules and of course the local laws. In addition we decided to look for the best and safest way of transporting our products, Shell marine products in particular,on trucks.

Here in the UAE you will still see a large amount of trucks carrying heavy drums unsecured on the truck bed and with no device to unload the drums off the trucks.

As a result unsecured, loose drums could move on the truck. An emergency break could potentially injure the people in the cabin, other vehicles, their drivers and pedestrians. Additional consequences can be oil spills on the road and, which is an environmental hazard and can cause additional accidents and environmental risks.

Off loading the drums without proper mechanical help is a problem people are solving by throwing drums from the truck bed onto old tires. This is not only extremely dangerous for bystanders but it also carries a high risk that the drum will burst and oil will be spilled all over the place.

We at Hamburg Trading House decided therefore consciously to purchase a vehicle, which eliminates all above-mentioned risks. Our new truck has a hydraulic tail ramp and a tail lift. In addition to this all drums are rolled onto our tuck with special tools allowing safe movement of drums onto and off the truck.

Once the tail lift has reached the ground the driver can roll the drums very easy off the ramp to the customers place.

The “special wheel” that the driver is mounting on the drum is a great support, which makes it very easy to roll the drum safe and secure to its designated place. Due to the fact that the device is higher and slightly smaller than the drum, the operator cannot hurt his hand or fingers.

Hamburg Trading House is an authorized Shell Marine lubricants distributor in the UAE. In addition to Shell Marine Products, they are representing Tribomar in the United Arab Emirates for their Oil Management Systems and Tribomar Test Equipment. Hamburg Trading House is focusing on Marine business only offering its customers outstanding services at competitive prices.

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