How to Properly Care and Maintain Sealable and Reusable Container

September 7, 2014

How to Properly Care and Maintain Sealable and Reusable Container

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Sealable and Reusable (S&R) container are increasingly getting popular due to the quick impact that it can have on a lubrication program. In fact, according to a recent survey, 88% of Marine Lubricants Distributor and other lubrication professionals use S&R containers for their business. S&R containers help lubricants distributor prevent cross contamination of different oil and ingression to new oils. Containers can come in different styles and sizes suitable for industrial needs.

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Since particles and moisture can enter lubricants from different entry points and sources, contaminants can appear in lubricants. This takes place as lubricants are being handled and transported from the blend plant to the piece of equipment. Take for example small machines, there is actually a large amount of contaminants that can be introduced during the last stage that is why S&R container is very important as it controls the contaminant ingression while oil changes routinely and makeup oil is introduced.


S&R containers need proper care. When not in use, they should be sealed and properly labeled to avoid cross-contamination of different oil. When refilling the containers, it is best to keep them clean on the inside and outside. Using S&R containers properly to top-up the machines can take your lubrication program to the new level.

In most cases, the system is open and the containers can be cleaned using the conventional cleaning method such as detergents. This can be done when S&R container is used to deliver and distribute fluids.  Plenty of green formulations and acidic-based solutions can leave a small residue within the drum and nozzle when they are combined with elevated rinse temperature. The drum and nozzle are detached and wiped down for these methods. They are then rinsed at an elevated temperature using an acidic solution or detergent. While most detergents work, refrain from using highly polar solvents as they can attach the O-rings and seals on the leads.

After the drums and nozzles are rinse, they can be air dried. Once they are dry, it can be then filled with new fluid. To eliminate contaminants, flow a small portion of fluid through the nozzle. You can also use closed containers by quick-connects on the lid. This filters fluids that move through the drum, thereby pulling out any contaminants.

Preventing Contamination in an S&R container

To prevent S&R containers from getting contaminated, use quick-connects on the hand-pump models. Installing a male quick-connect on the container and female quick-connect on the hose end keeps the container sealed from any possible outside contamination.

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