Manage Oil Stress with Shell Argina

August 24, 2015

If it is advanced oil-stress management you are looking for, then you might want to check out Shell Argina. This product has been specifically developed to address oil stress. And, anybody in the engine industry knows that finding answers to prevent oil stress will ultimately help increase engine performance. Consequently, once engine performance is improved, it will then result to reduced maintenance cost. All of these are definitely what all engine owners are dying to have their hands on.

As more and more developments are being made in engines in order to advance market and operational performance, engine oils are also equally challenged to keep up with all these innovations. This is because as engines become more powerful, they become more prone to damage. To protect them from damage, they need to use reliable oil. Unfortunately, the kinds of engine oils manufactured in the past are no longer enough to provide this kind of protection to more sophisticated engines. This is where Shell Argina comes in.

To better understand how this lubricant in the line of Shell marine products can help address oil-stress, one must also comprehend how oil stress develops.

There are a variety of reasons that contribute to oil stress which may lead to various consequences due to degrading lubricant performance. There are the market factors which may lead to higher ship repair costs. Then, there are the operational factors which result to more operational complexity. Lastly, there are the engine factors that increase the possibility of engine failure.

The second question that needs to be answered is how oil stress actually occurs? Taking for example medium-speed diesel engine, the oil is exposed to various kinds of stresses which are acid, thermal and asphaltene. Exposure to acid causes base number depletion and ring liner and valve wear. Thermal and asphaltene exposure, on the other hand, causes piston undercrown deposits, ring grove deposits and viscosity increase. In addition, asphaltene may also cause crankcase fouling and fuel pump sticking. It does not have to take a rocket scientist to understand that all of these consequences spell danger engines and, in turn, to the entire business operation.

Taking all of these in consideration, both the causes of oil-stress and the various dangers that oil-stress may cause, Shell was able to come up with a new technology that benefit the industry by providing a product that help manage different kinds of oil stresses.

What does Shell Argina have to offer?

For one, it will be able to help make engines more reliable through ensuring enhanced engine cleanliness. This is because Shell Argina prevents deposits resulting from thermal and asphaltene stresses making it very powerful in keeping the engine clean and protected.

Secondly, it will generate more savings as there is better oil durability and longer serviceability of engine components. With Argina’s viscosity control and base number retention, it will be long before you will be required to do either partial or complete oil replacement. In a study, it was estimated that by using Shell Argina, owners were able to reduce their oil usage to up to 20% as compared to other products. And, with long-lasting oil, you are assured of increased protection to engine parts, thus lengthening serviceability and reduction of maintenance cost.

Thirdly, it will be able to ensure stable operations and increased production. Since Argina assures you that it will be able to protect the engine better than other products, engine owners will have more peace of mind when it comes to engine performance.

Given all of these protection and benefits, it will not be long before you start doubting the oil engine you are using right now. So what are you waiting for? Get you Shell Argina now from your trusted Shell marine products distributor.