Recycling Lubricants – Top 3 Practical Benefits

August 21, 2014

It cannot be denied that almost everyhting in this world has its own share of harming the environment. Big time or not, still it contributes in damaging the mother earth. As the initiative for conserving fuel energy is strengthened, people are now finding ways to inflict less harm to the environment. Some marine lubricants distributor implements a sophisticated Oil Management System to properly handle their used oil. Meanwhile, other distributors choose settled for recycling used oil.

Used oil can be recycled and used for the same purpose or for an entire different task. There are plenty of ways that you can recycle used oil. One of the most favored methods is the re-refining in which the used oil is treated to get rid of impurities. The re-refined used oil is then used as a base stock for new lubricating oil. There are plenty of advantages of recycling using oil such as the following:

Environmental Benefits

This is definitely one of the main benefits of recycling used oil. Proper disposal or recycling used oil minimizes pollution on land and aquatic resources. Improper disposal of used oil has a great impact in the environment considering that a spilled gallon of used oil can pollute a million gallons of water. Recycling two gallons of used oil can generate enough electricity to support an average household for an average of 24 hours. Proper disposal of waste oil can produce energy to generate 360,000 homes annually. Consequently, it could also provide 96 million quarts of motor oil.

Used oil when disposed in a regular trash may seep in the ground water as storm drains flushes the used oil in the rivers and other bodies of water. These waterways might be source of drinking water of the animals or even the habitat of other animals. More so, if used oil is spilled on the ground can make four acres of the land become dry or “un-plant-able” for years.

Conserves Energy

Recycling used oil specifically, the re-refining takes an estimated of one-third of refining crude oil energy to lubricant. It takes an average of 42 gallons of crude oil to produce 2.5 quarts of high quality lubricating oil compared to 1 gallon of used oil to produce the same result.

Energy Resource

Used motor oil can be used as an energy source as it is a petroleum product. Motor oil can be recycled for plenty of times before it can be disposed. When it cannot be longer used as a lubricant, it can be reconditioned as energy source. In fact, many power plants can burn used motor oil generate electricity.

While recycling used oil can be beneficial, you must know that used engine oil contaminated oil cannot be recycled and should be disposed as waste.

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