Shell Gadinia and Shell Melina: When to Use These Oil Types?

August 3, 2015

Shell supplies more than 10,000 vessels worldwide, from large ocean tankers to small fishing boats. A recognized leader in global lubricants, they can give you a wide selection of superior marine products. They offer an exceptional choice of oils and greases.

Getting your oil right is the key to keep your equipment running smoothly and enable it to deliver a better performance. Lubricant selection is crucial. Shell’s range of Gadinia and Melina are some of the mostly used marine oils in the market.

Shell Gadinia – control consumption in modern engines

Shell Gadinia is classified as a premium quality, multi-functional diesel engine lubricant. It is designed for the most severe service main propulsion. More so, it’s also used for auxiliary marine trunk piston engines burning distillate fuels with a sulphur content up to 1%.

Wear protection. If you want superior protection against corrosion, Shell Gadinia can provide a greater safety margin. Its unique formula gives excellent alkalinity retention.

Oil life. Because of its excellent resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation, Shell Gadinia can help extend the diesel engine life. It reduces risk of ring sticking and breakage.

System efficiency. Shell Gadinia is ideal for severe operating conditions. So, it can provide greater tolerance to engine overload, reduction of deposits in piston ring belt, and poor combustion due to improved piston cleanliness.

Use Shell Gadinia to control oil consumption in modern engines, where liner lacquering is a potential problem. It can also be used in smaller high-speed engines of fishing fleets that operate under arduous conditions.

Shell Melina – residual fuel operations

A high-performance multifunctional lubricant, Shell Melina is designed for low-speed marine diesel engines. It’s a blend of refined high viscosity mineral oils and a balanced selection of additives. It’s designed to provide the highest level of protection in low-speed marine engines.

Improved operation. Shell Melina can neutralize highly corrosive combustion acids, which can contaminate the main system. It keeps crankcases under piston spaces clean.

Filtration. Shell Melina also has a high resistance to oil thickening, and allows contaminants to be removed by filtration. If you’re operating on a crosshead engine, this lubricant is for you.

Lower costs. Because of its good oxidation properties, Shell Melina combats thermal degradation of the oil and extend its useful life. Thus, giving you lower maintenance cost.

Overall, Shell Melina is mainly applied to low speed, marine diesel engine crankcase and piston cooling systems. . Because of its alkaline nature, it can neutralize strong, and highly corrosive acids, in the products of combustion.

Shell Marine Products

There are different Shell oils formulated for certain engines. Choose the one that meets your operational needs. Doing so can maximize your production, and save you on repair and maintenance costs.

Shell Alexia S3, Shell Alexia S4, Shell Alexia S5, Shell Argina, Shell Gadinia, and Shell Melina are just among the mostly used marine oils in the market. Authorized distributors are well-equipped to provide you with diverse lubricating solutions, and offer you a complete line of industrial lubricants.

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