Suggested Marine Lubricants Products for Low to Medium Speed Engines

July 21, 2015

One of the most important things an operator can do for his machinery, is to ensure that it’s properly lubricated. The lubricant to use depends on the type of fuel, type of engine and operation. When it comes to marine engines, selecting the best grade is very critical.

Shell is recognized as a leader in global lubricants. Their range of oils delivers top performance, long term reliability, maximum cleanliness and minimum wear. There are different Shell oils formulated for certain engines. Choose the one that meets your operational needs.

Lubes for Low Speed Engines

Low-speed diesel engines, as used in ships, are manufactured in two-stroke versions. For long term operation on low sulphur distillate and residual fuel, a lubricant with a suitably lower base number is recommended.

Shell Alexia S3:

This premium grade lubricant is designed for low-speed, two-stroke diesel engines entering Emission Control Areas. One of its benefits is excellent cleanliness. Marine vessels can now help the environment without risking equipment-damage costs.

Shell Alexia S5:

Operates on a triple-action technology, this lubricant is designed for two-stroke low-speed diesel engines, running under conditions of high oil stress. It’s also suitable for engines burning residual fuel with sulphur levels greater than 1.0%.

Shell Melina S 30:

This high-performance system lubricant is designed for low-speed marine diesel engines. It can provide the highest level of protection in low-speed marine engines. It neutralizes highly corrosive combustion acids, which can contaminate the main system.

Because of its good oxidation properties, Shell Melina combats thermal degradation of the oil and extend its useful life. Thus, giving you lower maintenance cost.

Lubes for Medium Speed Engines

Lubricants for medium-speed marine engines usually have low consumption characteristics. You also have to consider high-temperature oxidation resistance and thermal stability. Go for those which offer excellent performance.

Shell Argina T 30 and 40:

When it comes to highly rated, medium-speed diesel engines operating on residue fuel under moderate oil stress conditions, this lubricant is the most recommended.

Shell Argina X 40:

If you’re operating on residue fuel and want to extend the oil change intervals, you need this type of lubricant with a higher base number. It is designed for highly rated, medium-speed diesel engines under high oil stress conditions.

Shell Argina is specifically formulated for four-stroke diesel engines. This range is designed to keep piston under crowns clean, and maintain cooling performance. It can manage differing effects of oil stress to reduce downtime, giving longer oil and component life.

Not meeting your engine’s requirements can cost your company hundreds of thousands of dollars. So, make sure to select the right lubricants.