The Importance of Lubricant Manufacturer-Distributor Relationship to End User

October 27, 2014

The Importance of Lubricant Manufacturer-Distributor Relationship to End User

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As an end user, having a good relationship between the manufacturer and Shell Marine Lubricants Distributor provides plenty of benefits.

Take for example Shell with its Product Plus Services program that aims in establishing among its Shell Marine products distributor. In fact, this program has been implemented in more than 30 industrial markets. For these markets, Shell chooses a DPQA distributor as its partner. It then provides a full-time lubrication expert to exclusively work with the chosen distributor and its customers. Shell also provides equipment, problem-solving expertise and other assistance when needed.

A manufacturer’s relationship with distributor can offer its end user with ample benefits such as oil filtration service.

Manufacturer- Distributor Relationship

Generally, on site filtration can assure ISO 15/12 or better cleanliness level to the user. This allows the user to be satisfied as it is guaranteed that cleanliness of the oil meets the control limits that is set forth by the plant. However, even of the manufacturer and distributor have executed their processes perfectly, many transfer steps between manufacturing and final delivery leave a room for microscopic particulates to find their way into the oil. While the oil filtration can limit the solid particle contaminants, new particles can be introduced every time a lubricant is transferred from one vessel to another. As the final destination really mattered, this actually where distributor service offerings becomes advantageous.

While having a good manufacturer and a good distributor can help in ensuring a trouble-free lubrication. The end user should also do something to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly and free of contamination.

As an end user, you are responsible to be aware of your distributors’ commitment to quality. It is your duty to investigate regularly the manufacturer and distributor to ensure that quality standards are met between them. It is also your role to demand from the supplier to present a retain sample from the hose end of the transport. You must ask for it before the oil achieves the on-site staging tank.

The retain sample are taken from the hose end because this is where the product begins to be the end user’s property and the hose is a possible source of contamination. Ask to ensure that your distributor is allowed to take samples at the hose end.

It is definitely your role as an end user to ensure that you have a planned program to routinely analyze and maintain your oil, additive replacement, dehydration,  including filtration, or other reclamation techniques.

Having a quality manufacturer-distributor relationship lets the user to have lower overall costs and most of all fewer worries and hassles among others.

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