The Tribomar Test Kits Convenience

August 30, 2015

Portability defines this generation as it has been able to innovate various gadgets that replace bulky equipment. Instead of big desktop computers, you have the laptop. Gone are the telephones and their endless telephone cords because of the mobile phones. The list could go on and on but the hard fact remains the same: this generation has been able to compress many of the useful technologies into handy and equally useful gadgets designed for convenience.

The development of these portable gadgets is a response to the expansion of businesses. The world has become more and more connected and industries are no longer bound by territories and geographical limitations. This vast and expanded operation of businesses is complemented by the emergence of tools and equipment that allow for off-site production or conduct of services even while being far from the comfort of their main offices.

This is the very logic of the Tribomar test equipment. Developed by Tribomar Oil Management Solutions for various industries, these testing kits are designed for portable use to allow its users to conduct crucial oil testing even if they are miles and miles away from the nearest laboratory. What makes this technology more commendable is the fact that this off-site testing is done without sacrificing accuracy and quality. Because of the equipment, it is already possible to conduct regular and dependable oil condition monitoring using online sensors and conduct oil sampling, oil analysis, ultrasonic cleaning, among others in the absence of laboratories.

Oil testing is very crucial in businesses that rely heavily on equipment and engines. It saves business owners from possible production downtime because of damaged machinery and, in the worst case scenario, danger to personnel. Since oil plays a very crucial role in an industry’s operation, it is very important to conduct regular check-up to test whether or not the oil is still serviceable or if it needs to be partially or completely replaced.

Before, the only way to conduct oil testing is through laboratories. A sample will be collected and then processed in a laboratory to identify certain parameters. Using these parameters, one will be able to assess whether or not the oil is still all right to use.

However, what if the operation is located in the middle of nowhere where laboratory access is near to impossible? Well, it can always be delivered to the nearest laboratory to be able to get a result after several days. Yes, several days, which could already be enough time for equipment damage and risk to build up. If oil testing is very crucial, then it must be done on a regular basis and the results should already be readily available.

This is what Tribomar test kit actually does. Not only does it offer offshore oil testing using the basic required parameters, it also guarantees speedy and accurate results and is very easy to use. Using various kinds of testing equipment, one can already test fuel for water contamination, density, viscosity, compatibility, stability and flash point. As for lube oil, Tribomar has equipment to check for water contamination, base number (engine oil), viscosity, insolubles and salt content. It also offers a round-the-clock online condition monitoring.

The Tribomar oil management system gives business owners leverage against their competitors because it creates a safety net to protect their operations from any possible downtime caused by machinery defects. Using this handy oil testing kit, they will be able to lengthen the use of their machines, cut down on maintenance cost and thwart off possible machinery defect accidents in the workplace. All of these right at the very comfort of their workplaces and without having to waste time and money going to the nearest laboratories.