Tips and Tricks for Lubrication

October 22, 2014

Besides relying on Marine products, the proper lubrication can greatly affect your equipment reliability. A good lubrication strategy improves your plant and equipment overall performance. To increase your equipment reliability, here are some of the best lubrication best practices.

Organization and Planning

Apart from assessing the things aspects that you need to do right and better, you must also ensure that all lubrication tasks in the plant are completed at the right time. The lubrication tasks should be done with the right quantity through right methods. Most of the companies use software to control and report the activity.


To ascertain that the right Marine products are added to the equipment, labeling system is advised. This is because large plants use many types of lubricants. Lubricants have complex chemical compositions. They are usually very incompatible. A good labeling system is necessary to avoid mistakes and possible contaminations.

Cleanliness Control

Oil contamination is a main source of equipment and component wear. It is always necessary to use clean lubricants the equipment operation. The Cleanliness-control centers make sure that the lubricant is safely stored. It should also be clean and transferred in an environment free of contamination.

Contamination Control

The international standard for measuring contamination control is ISO 4406. Measuring contamination control is very critical. To clean up the oil, online and offline filtering systems are used with breathers or air conditioners being utilized to protect the lubricant.

Environmental Control

Lubricant should be well handled to avoid inflicting harm to the environment. Spilled lubricants can have damaging effect to the nature that is why most maintenance strategies are focused on preventing contamination. Besides that, environmental control is a key ingredient in world-class manufacturing standards.

Knowledge Management

Within the maintenance circle, proper management of knowledge is getting critical in industry. Hence, maintenance workers should be skilled in the advantages of proper lubrication practices. The growing awareness of the advantages of executing reliability-based maintenance methods demands the maintenance personnel to improve its reliability techniques to that of the industry’s best-practices.

In-plant Dispensing

As contamination is a critical issue, an open and dirty dispensing container can be a source of contamination. When dispensing the equipment, it must be safe, closed and clean. It should also be easy to use and efficient. Just make sure that the containers are well-identified, this way, no mistakes occur regardless of the personnel using it.

Effective implementation demands observing a strict or even changing the existing culture of the company. This is to ensure that the processes are followed, sustained or accepted.  Although cultures can be changed, doing so requires understanding of the reasons of the failure. Actions on preventing these factors should also be explained before implementing the process.

Implementing long term strategies isn’t easy. However, a change of approach towards these strategies can determine the success of the company.

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