Tips On Buying Industrial Lubrication Machines

June 21, 2015

Lubricants are used to eliminate squeaks and ward off rusting in moving parts of a machinery. Some of the most widely used include low and high viscosity oils, marine lubricants and greases, and silicates and waxes. Today, companies use industrial lubricant machines for most of their heavy equipment. Keep in mind these tips.

Do extensive research

There are many reputable companies in the market which specialize in manufacturing and supplying industrial lubrication machines. They offer a wider range of options from bearings, cranes, heavy to light machinery. Characteristics can go from fully synthetic, nitrate free, to water soluble. Choose one that’s right for your budget and need.

Quality comes first

It’s important to understand how your equipment operates and what lubricant it requires. Other than that, buy an industrial lubrication machine that is well-tested. It should be superior when it comes to precise blending of the materials and accuracies of the mixture. Controlled automatic lubrication machines are highly recommended.

Try online shopping

From Shell marine lubricants to centralized systems, suppliers can now be reached through various online shopping portals. You can find the most reliable and cost-effective equipment available with just one click. More so, online stores readily provide customers with the important points of a product from its usability, price, and its advantages.

Find an authentic supplier

To develop a solid lubrication management program, it all starts by properly evaluating your supplier or manufacturer. They should have a detailed test data that shows the consistency and quality of the machine. A reputable supplier provides you with proper documentation and helps you purchase a durable and efficient machine.

Questions to ask your supplier:

Do you offer a comprehensive range of products?
Do you know how often your lubricant should be changed?
Is that the right lubricant for my equipment?

A good supplier should be well-equipped to provide you with diverse lubricating solutions. Other than that, they must be able to offer you a complete line of industrial lubricants. It should include fluids for high-volume applications, such as compressor and vacuum pump, multi-purpose oils, hydraulic, gearbox and chain.

Knowing when to change your lubricant can prevent you from wasting money. Infrequent changes may also risk damage to your equipment. The best supplier should make a thorough analysis about when to change the lubricant. You can ask the supplier to compare the results from previous reports and note the trends.

Lubricant selection is also crucial. The wrong product or application can shorten the life of your equipment and worse, stop production. When evaluating lubricant suppliers, consider their product line and check if it meets the requirements of your operation. Make sure your chose supplier is knowledgeable on both application and product.

Efficient machinery increases profitability. So, to make your machines work to their optimum level, use industrial lubricants that can meet operation requirements. Good lubricants, such as Shell cylinder oil, etc. can prevent wear and tear by reducing friction, and enhance the equipment’s life. Ensure maximum productivity by buying the right lubricant machine, and then doing proper maintenance.