Hamburg Trading House is working together with Tristar in the UAE when it comes to warehousing & transportation.

Many Oil Majors are working with Tristar on the logistics side. That is why Tristar has to be compliant not only with the local rules & regulations, but also with the often much more stringent HSSE requirements of the Oil Majors.

This means for Hamburg Trading House and it’s logistics that we are in compliance with the local rules & regulations and also with the requirements of Shell and other Oil Majors.

Bulk deliveries through “TRISTAR SPIRIT” at Fujairah anchorage.
Shell marine products in oil drums piled outside a typical warehouse.
We are very flexible and can arrange supplies on short notice because we have own trucks in the UAE.
Hamburg Trading House trucks.

Tristar Location Map

Jebel Ali Industrial Area No. 2
PO Box 51328
Dubai, UAE

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