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New IMO Rules for Marine Fuels Sulphur Content


From the 1st January 2020 the IMO rules for Marine Fuels sulphur content is changing globally from 3.5 % to 0.5 % maximum sulphur permitted in Marine Fuels.

With this drastic reduction of the sulphur content in the fuels, the lubricants need to be adjusted as well in order to maintain safe lubrication of the vessels engines.
This counts in particular for the two stroke engines which need Cylinder Oil for its operation.

Shell has developed a full range of OEM approved Cylinder Oils which can be used for the different types of fuels ( from High Sulphur to Ultra Low Sulphur and even Marine Gas Oil with 0.1 % Sulphur content )

The New grades will gradually be rolled out from July 2019 onwards.

  • Shell Alexia 25 with a BN of 25
  • Shell Alexia 40 with a BN of 40
  • Shell Alexia 70 with a BN of 70
  • Shell Alexia 100 with a BN of 100
  • Shell Alexia 140 with a BN of 140

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