Introducing the Next Generation Shell Gear Oils – Shell Omala S4 GXV Series to our Product Portfolio

September 6, 2017

We are excited to share that Shell Marine is launching Shell OMALA S4 GXV.

This new advanced gear oil is formulated with technology designed to meet the stringent demands of today’s modern gearbox systems. Shell OMALA S4 GXV oils are compatible with existing Shell OMALA S4 GX. No drain or flush is required when switching to the new formulations. Shell is currently in the transition phase to the new generation products in Europe. New products will be activated gradually while the existing product stocks are depleted.

The new generation Shell OMALA S4 GXV offers the following key features and benefits:

  1. High Viscosity Index and Improved Low-Temperature Fluidity
  2. Low Foaming Tendency, Even with Fine Filtration
  3. Extended Compatibility with Seals, Sealants, and Paints
  4. Siemens MD Flender Approved

Hamburg Trading House is an authorized Shell Marine lubricants distributor in the UAE. In addition to Shell Marine Products, they are representing Tribomar in the United Arab Emirates for their Oil Management Systems and Tribomar Test Equipment. Hamburg Trading House is focusing on Marine business only offering its customers outstanding services at competitive prices.