MAN ES releases new SL regarding engine lubricants

June 8, 2020

In follow up to their previous service letters (SL) and guidelines on optimal engine lubricant,

MAN Energy Solutions has issued a new SL, also available online:

Service letter SL2020-694 “Cylinder oil and System oil for marine” introduces a new cylinder oil strategy to the market. The cylinder oils are now divided into two performance levels.

  • Cat. I – Detergency equal or greater than 70BN
  • Cat. II – Detergency equal or greater than 100BN (Classic)


Comments to SL2020-694

  • Cylinder oils are divided into two performance categories
  • As there not yet are any Cat. II 40BN oil approved yet. For Mark 9 and higher engines, the solution would be to utilizing a Cat. I 40BN and Cat. II 100BN with alternation (if necessary) or with the cylinder oil available as according to SL2019-671. This would also be applicable for new-build engines.
  • The 15-25 BN column is removed.
    • MAN ES have withdrawn the No Objection Letters from most of the low BN products. There are a few low BN cylinder oils that still have a valid NOL.
    • 40 BN cylinder lubricants are available and will in most cases be used instead of 15-25 BN products.
  • No recommendations on how to use the lube oils in SL2020-694. That will come in a separate service letter later in the year.
  • SL2019-671 is still valid and can be used due to its flexibility.
    • Key messages: Monitoring of cylinder condition and take action if condition deteriorates.

Important SL that are complementing SL2020-694

  • SL2019-671 Cylinder lubrication update for 0-0.5% sulphur fuels
  • SL2019-684 Condition-based overhaul Cermet-coated piston rings
  • SL2019-687 Liner jacket cooling water system update
  • SL2020-692 LDCL cooling system update



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