Shell Marine “Captain’s Table” in Dubai

April 20, 2015

Shell Marine “Captain’s Table” in Dubai

Swen Sauerberg ,owner and MD of Hamburg Trading House and Jan Toschka, Global General Manager of Shell Marine Products.

Shell Marine “Captain’s Table” in Dubai

Moses Kamble, Swen Sauerberg , Uta Guelde; all from Hamburg Trading House and Sandeep Banerji from Shell Marine Products.

Once a year, Shell Marine Products is inviting the Top 5 Marine Distributors the Shell Marine Captain’s Table.

This year the Shell Marine Captain’s Table was organized in Dubai hosting the top 5 Shell Marine Distributors.
In the previous years, Hamburg Trading House was invited to China and Italy as one of the most successful Marine Distributors.
The event is rewarding the top Shell Marine Distributors for its outstanding performance.

Hamburg Trading House is an authorized Shell Marine lubricants distributor in the UAE. In addition to Shell Marine Products, they are representing Tribomar in the United Arab Emirates for their Oil Management Systems and Tribomar Test Equipment. Hamburg Trading House is focusing on Marine business only offering its customers outstanding services at competitive prices.