Shell Alexia 50

Cylinder Lubricant for low-speed crosshead diesel engines

Shell Alexia 50 is a premium quality cylinder lubricant designed for use in all low-speed crosshead diesel engines which burn residual fuel with sulphur content up to 4.0% weight.
It is particularly suitable for the new generation of highly rated, fuel efficient, low-speed marine diesel engines operating with higher pressures, higher temperatures and longer strokes.
Shell Alexia 50 is blended from high viscosity index base oils and additive technology developed by Shell.

Shell Alexia 50 is…
  • Great value without compromising reliability. Shell Alexia 50 has excellent acid-neutralising properties and control against deposits for outstanding cylinder and piston-ring wear protection. This results in extended engine component life and time between overhauls.
  • Peace of mind. Shell Alexia 50 is compatible with all normal seal materials and stable under typical on-board conditions.
  • Approved. Shell Alexia 50 is approved by key engine manufacturers and is suitable for all types of low-speed, crosshead diesel engines.*
  • Trusted. Shell Alexia 50 has clocked up millions of operating hours. It has been developed over many decades in close co-operation with ship operators.

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