Shell Alexia S6

More Acid in New Engine Designs

Continuing cost and environmental pressures make investing in new and modified engine designs an attractive option. These changes, combined with slow-steaming practices, can increase acid in the cylinders by up to 300%,thereby exposing your new and modified engine to increased risk of corrosive wear and high maintenance costs. Conventional cylinder oils that focus only on neutralising acids can lead to deposit build-up, dirty engines and high maintenance costs.

We have used our insight into oil stress to develop an approach that helps to protect against acid stress and deposit build-up in three ways. This breakthrough Triple-Action Technology is at the core of Shell Alexia S6, and helps them to protect your new and modified engines from corrosive wear.

  • Shell Alexia S6 cylinder oil is using advanced Triple-Action Technology to help protect the latest new and modified high-performance engines against cold corrosion.
  • Shell Alexia S6 has been developed to help reduce the cost of maintaining new and modified engines. The latest super-long-stroke engines and older engines that are modified with lowload turbocharger cut-outs can suffer from excessive acid stress and severe corrosive wear, especially under slow-steaming operations. This, in turn, can lead to high maintenance costs.
  • Shell Alexia S6 (BN 100) is using Triple-Action Technology to help boost acid protection beyond the level suggested by the oils’ base number (BN). Shell Alexia S6 complements recent recommendations from MAN Turbo & Diesel (MDT) and Wärtsilä to use BN100 products in new and modified engines.

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