Shell Turbo S4 GX Series

Premium based industrial steam, gas & combined cycle turbine lubricant for geared turbines

Shell Turbo S4 GX lubricants are based on Gas-to- Liquid (GTL) technology & has been developed to meet the demands of the latest high efficiency turbine systems. Designed to offer outstanding long term performance under the most severe operating conditions. Shell Turbo S4 GX series will minimize wear, deposit and sludge formation even under cyclic peak loading conditions. Shell Turbo S4 GX series lubricants are available in ISO Viscosity Grades 32 & 46.

Performance Benefits
  • Extended Oil Life.
  • Enhanced Equipment protection.
  • Enhanced system efficiency.
  • Power and industrial steam, gas & combined cycle turbines those need protection of highly loaded gearboxes.
  • For industrial applications where a high performance gas turbine oil is required for the lubrication of turbo compressors.
Specifications and Approvals
  • General Electric GEK 28143b.
  • DIN 51515-Part 1 L-TDP & Part 2 L-TGP.
  • ISO 8068, L-TGF & L-TGSE.
  • MAN D&T SE TED 10000494596.
  • Solar ES 9-224Y Class II.
  • Alstom HTGD 90 117 V0001Y.
  • ASTM 4304-13 Type I, II & III.
  • Dresser Rand (spec 003-406-001 type I & III).
  • GB (China) 11120-2011, L-TSE, L-TGE, L-TGSE.
  • Siemens power generation, spec TLV 9013 04 & TLV 9013 05.
  • JIS K – 2213 Type 2.
  • Siemens Finspong MAT812109.

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