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Shell Alexia is a premium quality cylinder lubricant designed for use in all low-speed crosshead diesel engines which burn residual fuel with sulphur content up to 4.0% weight.

It is particularly suitable for the new generation of highly rated, fuel efficient, low-speed marine diesel engines operating with higher pressures, higher temperatures and longer strokes.

Currently the most used Shell Cylinder Oil is Shell Alexia 50 with a BN of 70.

From January 2020 onwards the IMO rules for the sulphur content in Marine fuels is changing to 0.5 %.

The radical decrease of sulphur content is leading also to the development of a new generation of Shell Cylinder Lubricants.

We are convinced that during early Q4 2019 many vessels will already burn low sulphur fuel oil. That is why Shell is gradually introducing the new range of Cylinder Oils from July 2019 onwards.

The new Alexia product names make it also easier to identify the right oil for the fuel burned.

The famous Shell Alexia 50 will be named Shell Alexia 70 which is in line with the BN.

  • Shell Alexia 25 with a BN of 25
  • Shell Alexia 40 with a BN of 40
  • Shell Alexia 70 with a BN of 70
  • Shell Alexia 100 with a BN of 100
  • Shell Alexia 140 with a BN of 140

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