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Shell Corena S4 R Series


Previous Name: SHELL CORENA AS

Shell Corena S4 R series air compressor lubricants are high performance fully synthetic lubricants with a unique high performance additive system. They are designed to deliver the highest performance lubrication of rotary sliding vane & screw air compressors. They provide excellent protection for compressors running at pressures over 25 bar and in excess of 1000C discharge temperatures with oil maintenance intervals of up to 12000 hours. They are also suitable to cover applications where a synthetic bearing and circulating oil or R&O oil (ISO VG 32 -68) is needed. Shell Corena S4 R series lubricating oils are available in 46 & 68 ISO Viscosity Grades.

Performance Benefits

  • Long oil life – Maintenance saving.
  • Outstanding wear protection.
  • Enhanced airline safety.
  • Enhanced system efficiency & low levels.
  • Exceptional resistance to thermal & chemical breakdown.
  • Synthetic lubricating oil with advanced ashless anti-wear system.


Rotary sliding vane & screw air compressors

Shell Corena S4 R is suitable for oil flooded/oil injected, single or two stage compressors, operating of in excess of 25 bar and with air discharge temperatures of over 100oC (including intermittent operation under these conditions).

ABB Turbocharges

Recommended for use in ABB turbocharges fitted to low and medium speed diesel engines used in marine and power generation applications.

Specifications and Approvals

  • Approved by ABB for use in VTR turbocharges, with a maximum oil change interval of 5000 hours (HZTL 90617, list 3a)
  • ISO 6743-3A-DAJ


Shell Corena S4 R lubricants are fully miscible with mineral oils, although dilution with mineral lubricants will markedly reduce its performance. Care must be taken to avoid mixing Shell Corena S4 R with certain types of synthetic fluids.

Seal Compatibility

Shell Corena S4 R lubricants are compatible with all seal materials specified for use with mineral oils.

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