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Shell Gadinia



Advanced crankcase Lubricant for highly medium speed diesel engines operating on distillate fuels.

The new Shell Gadinia trunk piston engine oils are designed to meet the latest challenges in the industry. They meets the latest engine/fuel requirements and helps to improve engine protection ,ultimately lowering the maintenance cost. The new Shell Gadinia oils are fully reformulated with Shell’s latest additive technology and are designed to perform under very stressful operating conditions.


  • Optimized oxidation resistance and extended oil life.
  • High cleanliness properties & enhanced lube oil consumption control.
  • Increase engine reliability & reduced lacquer formation.
  • It also has comprehensive range of engine manufacturers’ approvals.
  • Optimized for use in non-engine applications like gear boxes, clutches, deck machinery and stern tubes.


  • Medium speed industrial or marine propulsion and auxiliary engines , burning residual fuel oils , which creates moderate oil stress.
  • Recommended for marine engine reduction gears and certain other shipboard applications, where specialist lubricants are not required.


Grade Name SAE Viscosity Grade TBN Remarks
Shell Gadinia S3 30 30 12 Recommended for medium speed marine trunk piston diesel engines operating on distillate fuels with Sulphur content up to 1%.
Shell Gadinia S3 40 40 12
Shell Gadinia AL 30 30 15  
Shell Gadinia AL 40 40 15  

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