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Shell Rimula multi-grade engine oils offers triple protection for your engines . It contains a specially optimized combination of additives for a longer lasting, cleaner and better protected engine. Shell Rimula’s adaptive technology gives outstanding wear protection with reduced viscosity for improved fuel economy. It is developed for the latest on-highway and off-highway vehicles, meeting latest Industry and OEM approval requirements. Shell Rimula advanced multi-grade oils (Shell Rimula R4 L series) have been developed for the latest Low Emission Engines used on-highway and off-highway vehicles.


  • Acid protection
  • Deposit protection
  • Wear control


  1. Shell Rimula Fully Synthetic Grades
    • Shell Rimula R6 M 10W 40
  2. Shell Rimula Mineral Oil grades
    • Shell Rimula R4 X 15W 40
    • Shell Rimula R4 L 15W 40 (Low SAPS additive technology)
    • Shell Rimula R2 Extra 20W 50

a.) Shell Rimula Fully Synthetic Engine Oils – Shell Rimula fully synthetic oils are manufactured from 100% synthetic base stock and high quality additives to achieve higher performance levels than both synthetic technology and mineral oils.

  1. Shell Rimula R6 M 10W 40 (API: CF)
    Proven to provide exceptional wear protection and improved piston cleanliness
    • Wear Protection: 20% improved Ring wear protection and 40% improved linear wear protection
    • Provides significantly improved piston cleanliness
    • Excellent Acid & Corrosion Control: Demonstrated a reduction in lead corrosion of more than 97%
    • Protection at low Temperatures : Up to 80% better4 at minimising filter plugging with pressure drops across the filter.

b.) Shell Rimula Mineral Oil Grades – Mineral oil is the fraction of naturally occurring crude oil with the right properties for lubricating engines. Combined with an optimised additive technology Shell Rimula mineral oil products provide robust engine oils for use in a range of engines.

  1. Shell Rimula R4 X 15W 40 (API: CI-4)
    Shell Rimula R4 technology is designed to protect modern engines with turbochargers, intercooling and exhaust gas recirculation. Shell Rimula R4 adapts to all the conditions within your engine, and helps you to minimise your maintenance and operating costs by providing a versatile one-oil solution for modern engines.Shell Rimula (R4 X) is formulated with Shell’s innovative Dynamic Protection technology, which features an advanced additive system that adapts to your engine’s specific requirements. This helps to provide protection in three key areas:
    • Acid and corrosion control: It protects against corrosion by controlling the acids formed as the fuel burns
    • wear control: It maintains strongly protective oil films to keep critical engine components working.
    • Deposit control: It resists high-temperature oxidation, thereby keeping engines clean from deposits

    Shell Rimula R4X provides:

    • Up to 30%* better protection against engine wear.
    • Up to 50%* more efficient at keeping your engine clean.
    • Up to 50%* better protection against chemical corrosion.
  2. Shell Rimula R4 L 15W 40 (API: CJ-4)
    Shell Rimula R4 L uses the latest generation technology to deliver significantly improved resistance to wear, deposits and oxidation. It is recommended for engines fitted with the latest emissions control technology such as diesel particulate traps or Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF). The letter ‘L’ on the label of the oils stands for ‘Low emissions’.
    Based on high performance Group II base oils, it is one of the most advanced 15W-40 oil technologies available – and suitable for virtually all engines. That means that it’s versatile enough to bring you the convenience of a single oil, suitable for virtually all engine ages and vehicle types.
    Shell Rimula R4 L is formulated with reduced levels of ash and sulphur to help maintain the efficiency of the latest and future vehicle technologies.
  3. Shell Rimula R2 Extra 20W 50 (API: CF-4)
    Shell Rimula R2 Extra 20W 50 grades has a combination of additives that react to varying needs of the engine. Shell Rimula R2 Extra contains up to 20% more active deposit control additives than more basic oils such as those meeting API CF-4. This will help in better Deposit Control and to deliver the extra protection required in higher-power or turbocharged engines.Shell Rimula R2 Extra 20W 50 provides:
    • Up to 30%* better fuel economy & longer oil life
    • The active dispersants will keep the engine clean.

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